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The American automobile manufacturer Dodge has been creating vehicles for the country since the company was founded in 1900. It was previously known as Chrysler Group LLC and based out of Auburn Hills, Michigan where the company's headquarters stands to this day over a century later. To last over 100 years as a successful automobile manufacturer is no easy feat.

The company was first founded as Dodge Brothers Company machine shop by - you guessed it - two brothers. Horace Elgin Dodge and his brother John Francis Dodge started the company at the turn of the century in 1900. In recent years, Dodge has undergone multiple changes of ownership but its Ram 1500 truck has constantly remained at the top, even winning multiple industry awards.

Here is a look at five reasons you should consider buying a used Ram 1500 for sale in Kansas City and Gladstone, MO.

1 - Avoid New Truck Depreciation

One of the best reasons for considering a used Ram 1500 is to avoid the massive amount of value that is instantly lost when a new truck is first driven off the lot. Data from CARFAX shows that new vehicles lose more than 10 percent of their value in the first month after being driven off the lot. This is no small loss of value and in the first year you could be looking at a depreciation of 20% and after five years your vehicle could be worth as little as 40% of its original purchase price. So if you buy a $36,000 Dodge Ram 1500 new then chances are within five years that truck could only be worth as little as $14,400. Buying used means you'll avoid most of this depreciation.

2 - Better Value for Your Investment

Buying a used Dodge Ram 1500 is going to give you the most value per dollar spent when compared to buying new. As mentioned earlier, a new truck will depreciate 20% in its first year half of which occurs within the first month after driving it off the lot. By purchasing a used Dodge Ram 1500, you trade being the first owner of the truck and getting to break in that new car smell for thousands of dollars. In reality, there are so many used Dodge Ram 1500 trucks that have been so well taken care of that they may even look new but without that giant sticker price.

3 - Customization and Variety

When shopping for a used Dodge Ram 1500, you have a much wider range of years, colors, models, trim packages, and even modifications from which to choose. Many truck enthusiasts will add aftermarket accessories such as lift kits, upgraded stereos, custom toolboxes, and many other unique changes. You may find a Dodge Ram 1500 with a lift that you are looking for already which will save a lot of time and money.

Depending on whom the previous owner was, some companies even install winches and other accessories that increase utility to better handle the job they were needed to perform. By buying used, you can take advantage of great deals and avoid paying full price for accessories that you want.

4 - Insurance Savings

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that insuring a used vehicle is going to be less expensive than insuring a brand-new one. So while you are looking for your next vehicle, consider the money you could save each month on insurance with a used Dodge Ram 1500.

It may not be obvious what the difference is between a 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 and one that is a few years older, but an insurance company will know the exact difference, and they calculate it in dollars and cents.

In fact, you won't just save money insuring a used Dodge Ram 1500; registering a used vehicle is cheaper than registering a new one in many states. In addition to registration fees, there are yearly taxes in several states that are usually calculated based on the year the vehicle was manufactured. This translates into a new truck having higher yearly taxes than a car that is five, ten, or fifteen years older.

5 - History Reports, CARFAX, and AutoCheck

With the emergence of the internet and computer technology, it's easier than ever to keep records of vehicles. Companies like CARFAX and AutoCheck provide an in-depth insight into a truck's history including any collisions, repairs, and other modifications. This helps limit risk substantially by having a record of changes of ownership and other important events in a truck's life that will help you make an informed decision. If a Dodge Ram 1500 recently underwent a major repair such as a new engine or transmission and there are records that prove it then you can have reasonable assurance that you won't have to replace the transmission or engine for many years to come.

When you start your search for your next Dodge Ram 1500, you can find a host of great opportunities that you wouldn't find at a new-vehicle-exclusive dealership. Combined with the ability to get a full report of a truck's history instantly using CARFAX, you can make an informed decision with the peace of mind of knowing that a truck has been properly maintained and hasn't been in an accident.

So if you are ready for getting a used Dodge Ram 1500 of your own, consider these five tips and you can be driving your next Dodge Ram 1500 sooner than you think. Test drive a used Ram 1500 at Landmark CDJR on the miracle mile and lock in your warehouse pricing.

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