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Although used cars are usually more affordable, there can be many unforeseen consequences that come with their purchase. Buying a new car, on the other hand, is a major investment but one that comes with peace of mind, and multiple benefits.

Greater Choice

One of the most obvious benefits of investing in a new car is the freedom of choice available to you. Unlike browsing a used car lot where you have to settle with what's available, going to a new car dealership presents you with nearly endless choices and customization options. Starting with narrowing down your options to find the right price and size class for you and then test driving your picks to narrow down your choice even further, you can then choose something as basic as the color of the car all the way up to the fancy gizmos. For example, you can choose whether your car has leather or cloth upholstery, dark or light interior, what kind of audio system it comes with, and other add-ons such as entertainment, navigation, or communication systems.

New car dealerships aim to please, so if you don't find the exact car you want in a dealer's lot, showroom, or website the dealer can then search a database to see if the car you want is available elsewhere. The dealer may trade with a different car lot or even outright buy the specified car from a different lot in order to meet a customer's needs. Failing that, you can always ask the dealer to special order the exact car you want for you.

Although having a car custom made to your preferences is an appealing prospect, bear in mind that it will cost you a negotiation tool as dealers are more interested in selling cars they already have in their inventory. It will also cost you more in that it likely will not be eligible for low-interest financing, rebates, or other buying incentives as special deals typically only cover vehicles already in a dealer's lot. Additionally, add-ons to cars can be expensive and may run as high as $5,000. In addition, if you're ordering a popular model, you should be prepared to wait in line since often popular models have a wait list of people eager to buy them as soon as they're in stock.

There are other drawbacks to special ordering too. Thanks to the long pipeline to overseas assembly plants, many import manufacturers don't make special ordering available. Therefore, you may be limited to domestic manufacturers.

High Demand Vehicles Keep Their Value

Some consumers may choose to buy used over new due to depreciation, but popular vehicles will have a higher value. For instance, if a new vehicle sells for more than a dealer's list price it suggests less depreciation and therefore a higher resale value. Another thing to keep in mind is the reputation of a brand. Thanks to a brand's reliability records and quality, it may have a higher resale value and depreciate at a lower rate. Although depreciation may not matter to you too much early on in owning a car, it will become important when the time comes to trade your car in, so it is worth considering when shopping for a new vehicle.

Better Interest Rates

A used car for sale in Independence, Missouri may be less expensive than a new car for sale in Independence initially, but several factors can change the perceived value of buying used. For starters, you are likely to have a higher interest rate on a used car. This is thanks to the lack of a cash rebate or low-interest financing that new car buyers often get as an incentive. Additionally, financial institutions also frequently charge a higher interest rate on used car loans. However, some automakers do have certified pre-owned programs that offer discount financing.

Modern Features

Manufacturers add and adopt the latest technologies for their vehicles as standard or optional bonuses as an incentive to new buyers every model year. These may be innovations in safety technology or convenient luxuries. With how rapidly automobile electronics evolve, the only way to guarantee that you have the latest and greatest features on the market is to buy a new car. If you buy a car from 2003 for instance, you'll only have the state of the art equipment of 2003.

Used Up

Although cars that are only a few years old at used car lots may be appealing, it is always wise to check the mileage and warranty. You should keep in mind that many of these used cars may have been rental cars, which often get lots of use and abuse (and the high mileage that comes with it!) over a very short time period. A better option may be leased cars, as leasing companies will charge the lessee for all necessary repairs, which is often enough incentive for people to take good care of their leased vehicles. Leasing companies also thoroughly inspect their vehicles before putting them up for sale. However, you will want to look into warranty considerations if you decide to go down this route.

Full Warranty

New cars come with a full warranty, which means that your car will be guaranteed against most faults for a certain set length of time. This is a fantastic benefit as it keeps maintenance and repair costs extremely low during the first couple of years of owning your new car. However, it is important that you understand the exact details of your warranty since some warranties cover more than others do.

Ownership and Maintenance History

One of the other benefits of buying a new car is that you know the car's entire history, which is likely to be very little until you buy it. Then from there, you know everything that happens to the car such as its maintenance history, accident history, whether or not it was handled gently, etc. Compare this with when you buy a used car and have to take the used car dealer's word for it or seek the input of a third party such as the prior owner or a company like CarFax.

CarFax does come with certain limitations. It's important to note that if an accident wasn't reported to the insurance company, CarFax likely doesn't know about it. They're also not able to tell you the maintenance history of the vehicle or the previous owner's driving habits.

Dealership Perks

You'll find that some new car dealerships really go above and beyond to take care of their customers. This goes for great financing options and price deals and taking care of you after you've made your purchase. If you need tires, come to us! If you need a service, come to us! If you need cosmetic damage fixed, come to us. We even offer interior cleaning services!

We do our best to ensure that our customers are taken care of and completely satisfied, so if you're looking for a new car, we encourage you to visit our showroom.

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