Dodge Offering Special Edition Packs for Challenger and Charger to Commemorate Centennial

No matter how you try to spin it, a 100th birthday is something to celebrate. That's the milestone Dodge hit recently, and they've decided to commemorate the occasion accordingly by offering a special edition Charger and Challenger.

It's not hard to see their logic. In the 100 years of Dodge, these two cars are the modern examples of what the automaker does best: create stylish performance vehicles with quite a bit of innovation and flare. This is goes back to the company's roots in 1914, when John and Horace Dodge created the first ever steel-bodied Model 30.

Before they made cars, though, the brothers were builders of precision engines. So, when they built the Model 30, they stuck to what they knew. This tradition has continued until this day.

The special editions Challenger and Charger keep with this, and are offering a V6 SXT Plus or a V8 R/T Plus model. Each car comes with the already wide selection of color options, with High-Octane Red as the special edition option.

On the inside, each car comes tripped out with commemorative badges galore. The seatbacks sport a "Dodge Est. 1914" plague on the headrest, and the seats themselves can be fashioned in either Foundry Black Nappa or Molten Red.

The price for each Special Edition package is $2,500 plus the vehicle's MSRP.

Want to join in on the festivities? Drop by Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep and see what these new Dodge autos have to offer you. Our location is convenient, at 1900 S Noland Rd. right here in Independence, MO.

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