Many Reasons to Love the Dodge Dart

Beyond the cool tech features and fun-to-drive style, the new 2014 Dodge Dart provides you, you can also use your new ride - if you wish - to show off to your neighbors. Just don't get too precious when washing and waxing it, lest one of your neighbors - like TV's Jake Johnson - wants to take you down a notch.

Whether or not you and your neighbors have a kind of relationship like Johnson and Craig Robinson, the new Dart will definitely turn some heads around town, due largely because of its style and luxurious look. If you tend to share, you'll certainly want to let other know about the Dart's excellent efficiency ratings and its performance specs.

Take a test drive with us here at Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep, conveniently located in Independence, MO, which is the town you start off in the classic computer game, Oregon Trail.

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