used 2019 Jeep Wrangler 

There are many things to consider when buying a used car from a dealership. Buying a used car can be one of the largest one-off purchases you can make, and it is critical that you make a careful and informed choice.

Here is a checklist of the things you need to consider when buying a used car from a dealership.

Get a Vehicle Report

It is critical for you to know the history of a vehicle. Things such as prior accidents, recalls, and safety issues can impact the price that you pay for repairs after you have purchased the vehicle.

The first thing that you should always ask for is the VIN number of a vehicle. The VIN number is needed to get historical information about a used vehicle. Websites such as are great sources for information on a used vehicle and can help you make a more informed decision about which vehicle you should purchase. will inform you about the accident history of a vehicle, how many people have owned the vehicle, what the vehicle was used for, and can offer a detailed service history of the vehicle. will also give you information about the cars' basic features and specifications. checks can often cost $39.99, so if you want a free alternative to you can consider, which is another source that offers a background check on a vehicle. offers information such as major accidents, if the car has been stolen, if the car has had any recalls, and what the car was previously used for. will also inform you if the vehicle has been deemed salvageable in the past, which means it has been deemed a total loss by an insurance company.

Getting a history report on the vehicle has been proven to help customers make more informed decisions, save money in the long run, and avoid penalties.

At Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram in Kansas City and Gladstone, MO, a CARFAX report is included on all vehicles.

Test Drive the Vehicle

Most used car dealerships will allow you to test drive a vehicle, and this is a critical part of the decision-making process. A test drive is another tool that can give you valuable information about a used vehicle, and it is always advised that you take a test drive.

During the test drive, you can find out the quality of the brakes, how comfortable you feel in the vehicle, and if there are obvious issues with the vehicle such as alignment issues, flat tires, or leaking.

During the test drive, you can also make sure various features of the car are performing at a reasonable level such as if the windows go up and down, if the sunroof works, test the cruise control, and see if heat and air conditioning are operational in the vehicle.

The test drive can often offer clues about if the vehicle has any obvious issues that you may not like, or if the car can perform at a satisfactory level that meets your desires and expectations.

A test drive can also inform you about cosmetic issues that may need to be repaired in the future such as leather seat damage, floor carpet damage, and dirt and grime on the interior of the vehicle. Most used car dealerships will have no problem with you taking a test drive, and many used car dealerships will often encourage you to take a test drive.

We invite you to take a test drive on any of the hundreds of models for sale on the Miracle Mile at Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram.


Although you can recognize obvious issues when test driving a vehicle, it can be difficult for you to recognize complicated issues that require professional services to recognize. It is critical that you get an inspection of the vehicle performed by a trained professional before making a purchase decision. It is possible to get used vehicle inspections before the purchase is made, and pre-purchase inspections can often help you find issues that you may have missed during the test drive.

Costs for a pre-purchase inspection usually start at $100 but can save you money in the long run. Many used car dealerships perform their own vehicle inspections as well and will offer you a detailed inspection report. It is critical for you to review the dealership report, and the report can often save money.

If you do not trust the dealership report, third party mechanics will offer an inspection, and some will accompany you to the used car dealership to inspect the vehicle on the lot. Some mechanics offer mobile inspections in which you can send pictures, video, and live video of the vehicle, and if the mechanic sees any obvious issues, they can actively inform you about the issues in real-time.

All of the vehicles for sale in Missouri and Kansas at Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram have been fully inspected by trained technicians and we include consumer reviews on our website.

Research the Price

The most obvious thing that should be considered when buying a used car from a dealership is the price of the car. You will want to save as much money as you can, and the best way to do that is not to overpay for a vehicle. Websites such as Edmunds and have free pricing tools that allow you to research the price of any vehicle. Kelley Blue Book is a site that will allow you to research the true market value of a vehicle based on its age.

Many dealerships sell cars on eBay and post the price of the vehicle for sale, so eBay can be another great comparison tool. If you have an idea of the car's true market value, you can make a more informed decision about the true value of the vehicle and avoid overpaying for the vehicle.

Since many used car dealerships post their prices online, research can also help you find out which used car dealership has a vehicle available that is in line with your price range.

All pricing is detailed and transparent at Landmark in Missouri and Kansas and you can lock in your warehouse pricing online.


Car reviews from other customers can also be a critical piece of information before buying a used vehicle from a used car dealership. The reviews can inform you about the vehicle, and the reviews can sometimes cover things that may have been missed during the inspections, such as the general performance of the vehicle. Customer feedback can be critical when you are deciding to buy a vehicle from a used car dealership, and websites such as can enable you to find out what other people think about the vehicle. Some online services also offer reviews about used car dealerships and their customer ratings.

We invite you to browse the KBB.COM reviews of all vehicles for sale at Landmark Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram on our website.

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